Khephren Workshop

Khephren Workshop

A traditional know-how

Thanks to the ancestral know-how of its craftsmen, the Khephren workshop puts its traditional skills at the service of its customers and works daily to deliver a quality work on all the projects which are entrusted to it.
Depending on your needs, the bronzes can be made using 3 casting techniques:
  • Sand casting: the most common traditional casting for our bronzes. The bronzes are cleaned, bleached and then manually polished.
  • Lost wax casting: Creation of a wax mould for a cast with a perfect finish. The bronzes are manually polished.
  • Casting by injection: Casting made for mass production for a better quality/price ratio. These pieces are made of brass and barrel polished.

Once the bronze has been made in the foundry and taken out of its mould, it is necessary to proceed with deburring.

This step consists of eliminating superfluous parts, burrs (overflowing material from the mould), and irregularities on a bronze piece after casting, known as "rough casting".

Bronze deburring is carried out using grinding wheels or files.

With the help of a specialised bronze turning machine, our bronze craftsmen are able to produce cylindrical bronze pieces.

The turner works the bronze in a process that generally consists of three steps:

  • Deburring of the parts
  • Machining using lathes
  • The decoration of the parts through knurling operations.

Digital turning allows mass production for a better quality/price ratio.

The chasing of your bronzes can be reworked. This process will bring more life and relief to your bronzes for a final result of exceptional quality.

Depending on the condition of the material, the workshop's bronze workers adapt different techniques to meet your expectations:

  • Matis chasing, which is used to decorate flat bronze plates,
  • Embossed chasing, which consists of creating the relief of the motif on the back of the piece,
  • chasing on a cast piece

Polishing is an essential step in the final quality of the product, it conditions the final appearance of the piece.

The dexterity of our polishers allows us to prepare the most complex surfaces (soldered frames, crystal chandelier branches, galleries).

The asperities and defects of the pieces are "gummed" by polishing with bands having a finer and finer grain until a shiny and flawless surface is obtained.

Grinding allows to give shine to the pieces and to eliminate the line of the polishing pads.

The surface treatment allows the protection and decoration of the metal.

  1. We proceed to the chemical degreasing of the pieces by electrolysis in order to remove the rest of polish.
  2. The pieces are then passed through a degreasing bath to prepare the piece for better adhesion before the decoration is applied.
  3. Varnishing protects the pieces and the decoration against external attacks (hand sweat, bad weather, etc.). There are different types of varnish, more or less resistant, more or less colourful, with different properties. Our varnishes are applied manually in an appropriate area.

Our workshop offers you the creation of custom-made bronze pieces thanks to our know-how in mounting.

Our craftsmen take charge of the shaping of bronze objects or elements coming out of the foundry by assembly following a plan, a drawing or an instruction.

The various bronze parts are shaped using various techniques:

  • Tapping, threading of parts
  • Welding of elements
  • Shaping and assembly of galleries, belts, mouldings and other parts using a template
  • Final assembly of pieces

Khephren Workshop

An expertise for
all your needs

The know-how of our bronze craftsmen allows us to offer you different services to meet all your needs: reproduction of bronzes, restoration of antique pieces, repair of locks, keys, custom-made creations and surface treatment. Contact our workshop for a tailor-made service!


Choose from our wide range of surface treatments (silver plating, gilding, bronze medals, chrome, nickel, …) and add a quality finish to your pieces.

Khephren Workshop

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